First reunion of NMSD Alumni:. June 13-15, 1980

1983- NMSD Superintendent, Dr. Ken Brasel encouraged NMSD Alumni to set new organization

Named the organization Roadrunners Alumni Association: RAA

First RAA Officers:

President: Bobby Moore '70

Vice President: Richard Pearson'76

Secretary: Lenna Trujillo '72

Treasurer: Bill Rice, Alumnus

Public Relations: Dolores Kolb Fromm'61

Reunion Co-chairperson: Judith Tripp'61

*Goal to celebrate NMSD's birthday (1887-1987) encouraged by Dr. Ken Brasel

NMSD Centennial Committee of the Flagpole project

Chairperson: Johnny Robertson Alumnus

Designer/ Drafting : Richard Pearson '76

Welder: Forrest McKinley '77

Consultant: Steve Lucero '77

Builder: Bruce Cassidy'68

New NMSD Advisory Council Members:

One representative from RAA Alumni 

One representative from parent of a Deaf child

One representative from NMSD Student Body Government

One representative from NMSD Staff

One representative from NMAD

One representative from NMRID

One representative from UNM

One representative from Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

One representative from Santa Fe Public School

One representative from Albuquerque Public School

One representative from Los Alamos National Lab

Two representative from outside business

NMSD Founder's Day: November 9, 1986

*Ground breaking for the Alumni Memorial Plaza at the Flag Pole.

*Richard Pearson and Forrest McKinley introduced the Drawing of Alumni Memorial Plaza and Time Capsule to the crowd.

*Time Capsule collection presentation of class contribution by Johnny Robertson, alumnus

*Alumni Plaza the Beginning


2nd reunion of RAA: June 25-27, 1987

RAA New Officers:

President: Bobby Moore '70

Vice President: R

Secretary: L

Treasurer: B

Public Relations: D

Reunion Co-chairperson: J

Alumni Memorial Plaza under construction. Goal to be completed and burial of time capsule scheduled for Founder's Day, November 8, 1987

NMSD Founder's Day, November 8, 1987

Alumni Memorial Plaza Ribbon Cutting

*Introduction: Dr. Dillon, Master of Ceremonies (Former Principal of NMSD)

*Open Alumni Memorial Plaza: Bobby Moore, RAA President

*Address: Beatrice M Burke '53

*Time Capsule Burial Introduction: Johnny Robertson, Time Capsule Chairperson

*Various Contributions to the Time Capsule Committee: Espie Latimer' 53

1988: Alumni Memorial Plaza metal handrails welded together by Forrest McKinley and his assistant Richard Pearson

*Forrest McKinley passed away November 23, 1988


1990-1992 Roadrunners Alumni Association -RAA became inactive

3rd reunion: June 25-28, 1992

The Organization started as Roadrunners Alumni Association-RAA later renamed to New Mexico School for the Deaf Alumni Associations- NMSDAA during 3rd reunion June 25-28, 1992

NMSDAA New Officers:

President: Richard Pearson"76

Vice President: Larry Lucero '72

Secretary: Sonia Gonzales '81

Treasurer: Victor Arellano '80

Public Director: Johnny Hooper '82

Reunion Co-chairperson:

1992-1995 Brief of NMSDAA Activities Report

*Joined a coalition of NMSD Student Body Government, Parent-Teacher-Staff Association, NMAD, NMSD-NEA, and others to protest at the NM Capitol.

* Several reports to NMSD Progress, NMAD's Deaf New Mexican Newsletters, and COPD Newsletters

* Wrote letters to State Legislators to support various bill issues related Deaf Education, Telecommunication Relay, Interpreter, Deaf Community, etc.

* Became part of the NMSD Board of Regents Liaison

* Provided input to NMSD;s Communication Philosophy

* 2 officers (Secretary & Treasurer of NMSDAA resigned due to transfer job out of state

*Became involved with the NMSD Screening and Interview Committee for the superintendent's position

* Strongly favor the NMSD Board of Regents' selection of Dr. Madan Vasishta of Deaf superintendent as a vital positive role model for Deaf students.

* Dr. Vasishta is the 2nd Deaf Superintendent in the history of NMSD.

 Several meeting of the NMSDAA were announced, and low numbers of people attended

*Lack of interest and attendance at meetings. NMSDAA became inactive.

*President and Vice President hold to keep funds belonging to NMSDAA.

1995-1997- NMSDAA became inactive.


4th Reunion: August 1-3, 1997

NMSDAA New Officers:

President: Jean Seth '71 *First Female/Woman President

Vice President: Matt Lujan '85

Secretary: Nadine Garcia Martinez '84

Treasurer: Raul Lozano '90

Reunion Co-chairperson:



Jean Seth passed away October 2000

President: Nadine Martinez took over as president 2000-2002

Vice President: Vinny Martinez '90

Secretary: Dory Roybal '86

Treasurer: Rudy Chavez Alumnus

Reunion Co-chairperson:


5th Reunion: June 14-16, 2002

NMSDAA New Officers:

President: Beatrice M Burke '53

Vice President: Carla Garcia '86

Secretary: Dolores Baca '55 later replaced with Sonia Garcia '95

Treasurer: Jerry Seth '63 later replaced with Aaron Martinez '96

Reunion Co-chairperson:


6th Reunion: July 5-8, 2007

Theme: "NMSD is where WE became a family"

Honor to Lars Larson and his family

*Alumni decided to recognize NMSD when it was founded by Lars Larson not by State 1887 so we dated it back to 1885.

NMSDAA New Officers:


Vice President: 


Treasurer: Aaron Martinez '95

Reunion Co-chairperson: Bobby Moore'70


7th Reunion: 2010

NMSDAA New Officers:

President: Diego Gonzales '93

Vice President: Corina Gutiérrez '88

Secretary: Rosela Seidman Beccea '89- later replaced by Monica Rodriquez Huerta '90

Treasurer: Ken Litherland '82

Reunion Co-chairperson: Roger Robb '85 & Consultant Bobby Moore '70



8th Reunion: 

NMSDAA New Officers:

President: Corina Gutiérrez '88

Vice President: Margarita Lozano Garcia '85

Secretary: Roger Robb '86 

Treasurer: Ted Dressler Alumnus

Board at Large:

Governance: Roy DeHaven

Historian : Richard Pearson '76

Social Media & Marketing: Susan Haley '82

Reunion Co-chairperson: Amy Lucero Gomme '07 & Matt Lujan '85 *later replaced by Roger Robb '86 & Sophia Pacias '85


9th Reunion: postponed due to COVID pandemic

NMSDAA New Officers:

** NMSDAA officers extended their terms to next reunion- unknown dates

President: Corina Gutiérrez '88

Vice President: Margarita Lozano Garcia '85

Secretary: Roger Robb '86 replaced by Mary Lynn Bransford '85

Treasurer: Ted Dressler Alumnus

Board at Large:

Governance: Roy DeHaven '84

Historian : Richard Pearson '76

Social Media & Marketing: Susan Haley '82

Reunion Co-chairperson: In Search


9th Reunion:  2025

NMSDAA New Officers:


Vice President: 



Board at Large:


Historian : 

Social Media & Marketing: 

Reunion Co-chairperson: