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Here’s a letter regarding House Bill (HB) 237 from Superintendent Gallegos to the NMSD Alumni in ASL. Please be on the look for the petition vlog coming very soon!!!

Rosemary Gallegos Letter to Alumni

Oppose HB 237: Sample Email Text

House of Representatives Contact Sheet

House Bill 237 Talk Point

Here is the VLOG for Petition to Oppose HB 237 with subtitles and audio.

Please SHARE this with everyone (family and friends)

Thank you!

In Solidarity

Go Roadrunners!!!!


Oppose HB 237 petition link

House Health & Human Services - HB 237 Zoom link

HB 237 is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

It is first on the agenda. You can access the hearing at this link

There will be no public comment but please ask your contacts to sign on if they can to continue to show concern about the Bill.

Thank you,

NMSDAA is extremely proud of our Alumni who spoke “signed” during the House Health and Human Services hearing regarding the HB 237 bill.

Dr. Carla García-Fernández (1986), Amy Gomme (2007), Mark Ramirez (2005), Matilda Prestano (2002), Cassandra Perez (2005) and Carla Weeaks (longtime staff) among many, many parents, board members, students, and staff who spoke in opposition to the bill.

#WeareNMSD #DeafEd #deafeducation #NMSDspirit #NMSDstudents #NMSDhistory

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