[Video Description: A Caucasian male with light brown hair and groomed beard, wearing a black polo with NMSDAA logo, sitting in front of a black background.]

Hello NMSD Alumni,

I’m Roger Robb, NMSDAA Reunion Chairperson. I have 2 things to comment.

1. The NMSD Reunion was supposed to happen in the summer of 2020 but the COVID-19 pandemic which caused the state to close down and our lives were put on hold so we had to postpone the reunion to a later date. We thought that there would be a possibility of having the reunion during the summer of 2021 but it’s not happening because the NMSD Reunion committee hadn’t done anything due to the uncertainty of when the state would ease the restrictions and re-open. NMSD has been closed to the public. So therefore, the reunion won’t happen in 2021. The other thing is Superintendent Rosemary Gallegos prefers to leave the negotiating of hosting the reunion with the new Superintendent. With the current search for a new Superintendent still in the works, the reunion won’t happen in 2021 for sure. The current NMSDAA board had a meeting and discussed when the reunion should occur. It was decided that the reunion would be sometimes in 2022 with a date to be announced later.

2. I want to let you all know that myself, Roger and Sophia Pacias (the co-chairperson for the reunion) decided to resign from the position for our personal reasons. We did inform the NMSDAA board of our resignations so right now the position is available. If you are interested, please contact Margarita Garcia, the NMSDAA Vice-President at Margarcia212@gmail.com.

Good luck!