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Dillon Hall

Dillon Hall, the 5th school building was built in 1936 when Mr. Connor was the superintendent. 

Dr. Thomas Dillon was the first Deaf principal from 1940 - 1975. 

The school was named Dillon Hall in honor of Dr. Thomas Dillon in 1982. 

1) The first class consisted of four pupils and was held in a building provided by the County of Santa Fe, located on West Manhattan. It was used for 18 months until
2) they moved to a building originally rented by the Bishop Dunlop, located on Dunlop (now Dunlap) and Irvine Streets.


3) The school moved again in 1891 into a combination school and house built by Lars and Belle at their own expense on the site where the New Mexico School for the Deaf now stands.

Written by Keri Lynn McBride, at Internet article. Click the link here to read whole story. 

4) 3rd school building, the 18-room home & school building was built in 1891 during Larson’s era. 
When 4th red brick school was built, 3rd school became a trade shop from 1905 until 1916. 
It was built where Cartwright Hall is now located. 
Then it was demolished to make room for the new girl’s dorm, Cartwright Hall. 


5) The 4th red brick school building was built 1901.
That building had bedrooms for the older boys on top floor. 

The middle floor was used for classrooms & Superintendent office. 
In the basement it was vocational department. 

It became classroom building after Connor Hall, the boy’s dorm was built in 1928. 
It was demolished in 1936 after 5th school building was built. 

Richard Pearson & Forrest McKinley designed the Alumni Memorial Plaza

Inside the platform is the storage of 2 time capsules to be opened in 2087. 
It is located where the 4th red brick school building used to be.
Some of the bricks were found underneath and used as part of decoration on the platform. 

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